FAR 45 requirements

Last Update: Thursday November 08, 2007


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Permanent attached Fireproof Data Plate with Builder's Name (Make), Model Designation, and Builder's Serial Number. (21.182, 45.11, 45.13) All this info must match application (8130-6, 8130-12) and registration  8050-3).

Registration marks (per 45.23, 45.25) 3" high if maximum cruise speed does not exceed 180 Knots CAS (207 mph). 12" otherwise.  45.29         Note: If the  engine is capable of continuous max power at sea level and the speed exceeds 180 KCAS, you should be using 12" numbers.

Minimum 2" (max 6") EXPERIMENTAL near each entrance.  45.23

[See FAR 45.22 (b)(1) for exemptions. Be prepared to SHOW for allowed deviation with copy of documentation.] (FAA note: "According to FAA HQ's, the aircraft must be the same dimensions, as well as matching the appearance of the earlier design." taken from Recurrent Seminar July 25, 2005)

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