Last Update: Thursday November 08, 2007

  This page is under construction. I am starting with a copy of an email message that I would send out with a few forms. The forms are now linked.  This will be revised soon.

The airplane must be complete in every detail ready to fly. This includes being located at an acceptable airport where the first flight can take place. When the inspector arrives, the aircraft should have the covers and panels open that would be off for a condition inspection. A condition inspection must be recorded in the logbook. The aircraft also must be registered.

I have attached a checklist of items needed to issue a Special Airworthiness Certificate to an Amateur Built experimental aircraft. The checklist is something that I put together. Please make sure that fuel grade and QUANTITY at the fuel tanks, Left, Right, Off or On / Off fuel selector labels, on / off on electrical switches, and a few other required labels that I am finding are getting missed by builders.

A sample Program Letter can be found in AC20-27F APPENDIX 13.

The Application for Airworthiness Certificate FAA Form 8130-6 and the Eligibility Statement FAA Form 8130-12 can be downloaded. The Eligibility statement (FAA Form 8130-12) is required to be notarized.

Links to FAA forms do change. A search for forms can be done on their site and the changed link reported to me.

Here are links to the forms that will need completed.
Application for Airworthiness Certificate FAA Form 8130-6

Eligibility Statement FAA Form 8130-12

A good FAA Link to info on Amateur Built aircraft.

AC20-27F, Certification and Operation of Amateur-Built Aircraft, This AC provides information and guidance in the building, certification and operation of amateur-built aircraft.

AC90-89A, Amateur-Built Aircraft & Ultralight Flight Testing Handbook, This AC sets forth suggestions and safety related recommendations to assist amateur and ultralight builders in developing individualized aircraft flight test plans.

There is also a lot of good information on licensing your homebuilt in the EAA Members Only section under Homebuilders.
They have a section on registering and Testing your homebuilt aircraft.

I two linked documents are formatted for what I like to see and instructions on how to get the documents to me. They may vary for other DARs.


My goal is to add something twice a week to this site.  I am not going to annouce this site untill after I have things close to what is needed.

Need to add links and material for info on:

 Builders logs (proof you built the airplane)

FAA Kit built airplane list

Plan built airplanes


Weight and Balance

This site will NOT have info on what to do with questionable items.  I do not have the time to debate the issues.  I will point you to the FAA "bottom line". I am tailoring this site to those that do everything according to the plans the designer put out.